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We at “ESPORTSGAMES.IO” value our consumer’s privacy. On this page, we will tell you about your privacy policy that how they are handled here with us.

We are devoted to maintain the confidentiality of the personal details collected by us and also, by safeguarding it to give you safe experience while using our site.

We are using best software and hardware architecture, methods, techniques and procedures in order to keep your details confidential and to give you good experience amongst the online casinos.

Consent to Privacy Policy

By using the site, you agree to the terms of this privacy policy. We reserve the right to revise/change this privacy policy and you can check it by “Last Updated” legend at the bottom of the privacy policy for determining when it was last modified.

If the policies change with respect to any material in our privacy policy, then we will provide you a notice regarding the revised policy on our site, by email or by any other means we choose and as required by the law.

We may apply modifications to information collected by us up to the extent permitted by law. You agree to immediately notify us to delete your personal information if you do not agree to the terms of the modified/new privacy policy.

Your continued use of site establishes your agreement to any amendments or this privacy policy.

This privacy policy is proposed to bring it to your knowledge that how we collect, store, use and safeguard your personal information and also for you to understand your rights regarding that information.

What Personal information is collected and for what purpose?

  • Collection of non-personally identifiable information.
  •  Third Party Advertising Cookies
  •  Analytics services we may use
  •  Confidentiality
  •  Limits of Confidentiality
  •  Who receives your information?
  •  Your rights in relation to your information
  •  Links
  •  Children’s Privacy
  •  Opt-Out Options
  •  Who are we?

1. What Personal information is collected and for what purpose?

We, our affiliates and third parties providing services on behalf of us will use your personal information such as your contact details, your name and your email for various purposes such as:-

  • For providing Services and/or information to you.
  • For identification and verification.
  • For research and development
  • For research and statistical analysis
  • For data analysis
  • For Customer profiling, marketing and market research
  • For observing licensing and regulatory requirements.


Your personal information may be disclosed by us:

Only if it is required by the law or regulatory authority.

If it is necessary for us to take such actions:

1. To obey with any law or legal procedures implied on us.
2. To secure and protect our property and rights.
3. To any licensing body or to any regulatory body or authority.
4. To third parties who provide us their services or provides services on our behalf.

  • To third party if it purchases our business or us or any part of us.
  • With your accreditation.
  • For the disaster recovery purposes.
  • As described below:-

Your personal information may be processed by us, our affiliates, other members of our corporate group and third parties providing services to us, in any jurisdiction.

We will use all necessary commercial efforts to obey with the terms of any data protection laws applicable to our activities.

Third parties may include, but are not limited to, providers of Sportsbook including virtual and esports, casino products such as Slots, Roulette, Blackjack, Bingo and Scratch cards products.

2. Collection of Non-Personally Identifiable Information

Cookies may be used by us in order to maintain information about you on our site. A cookie is a small piece of data which is sent from a website and stored on the user’s computer by web browser while user is browsing. There are two types of cookies “persistent” and “Session”.

We use both types of cookies in order to maintain your information. After closing your web browser a persistent cookie remains on your hard drive and can be used on subsequent visit to the site by your browser.

Persistent cookies can be removed by succeeding your web browser. Session cookies are the one which disappears after closing the browser that’s why mentioned as temporary cookies.

On visiting our site our computer may ask your computer to sign a session or persistent cookie. After this our site will send a cookie to your browser and it will check for the preferences and then allow it.

Browser will only allow cookies sent from our site and not from the other sites. If in some cases a cookie is refused then it may cause negative impact on display or functions of the site.

Your internet protocol data is automatically collected by us when you visit the site. On requesting a page from our site, your domain name and your IP address can be logged by our servers.

Our servers may also record the mentioned information that link you to us such as: any searched information on our site, any page you have visited on our site, information about the type of browser you are using, related software and settings, other web usage activities.

For moderation purposes your IP address can be used in order to prevent the creation of multiple accounts and to prevent spam activities.

We may track your online usage pattern when you use the site by initiating the clear gifs (web beacons).

The information used by us is for improving the effectiveness of our marketing, for making the site better for our users and for enabling the more accurate reporting.

3. Third Party Advertising Cookies

The advertisements you see on the website is mostly generated by the third-parties. Some of these parties create their own cookies in order to track that how many people visited their particular advertisement and how many people have visited it more than once.

These cookies can’t be used for identifying any individual or any information related to them. These can only be used to get the information related to the advertisement that how many people have seen it and how many times.

The third-parties initiating this type of cookies based on getting information about advertisements have their own strict privacy policy but we don’t have any access to the cookies initiated by them.

In future if you would like to disable the cookies initiated by the third-parties, then you can visit their website for requesting a cookie “no thanks” in order to disable it or else you can visit the trade body representing these advertising companies for more information.

4. Analytics services we may use:

We are basically using three analytics services here which are Google analytics, Flurry and Bing.

Google Analytics is a service which gives us tools to better understand our customers. It also tracks and reports website traffic.

Google analytics term of service restricts the information about your visit to this site in order to protect it from sharing. Google analytics term of service is available at, and Google analytics privacy policy is available at For more information that how Google collects and processes data you can visit .

Another one is “Flurry”. Flurry is powered by yahoo. Flurry’s privacy policy governs its ability to use and share information. Flurry’s privacy policy is available at .

Next one is “Bing”. Bing is powered by Microsoft. Bing’s potential to share and use information is governed by its privacy policy which is available at

5. Confidentiality always takes responsibility for keeping the information about the users confidential. Also as specified in our privacy policy knowingly we will never allow access to anyone about the information outside which casinos.

Please be suggested, however, that due to some issues like unauthorized entries, internet communications, evolving technologies, hardware/software failure or any other factor the security of user’s information may be compromised at any time.

6. Limits of Confidentiality

As work in a secure and legal environment, we may require disclosing personally identifiable information under some circumstances, and may not be permitted to acknowledge you that we have disclosed it. will never disclose any information if it’s not in a good faith or if it’s illegal. We may require disclosing it legally like in response to warrant, or other legal processes or where reasonably it is necessary to identify.

Further, we can, and you authorize us to, disclose your user identification information to third party agents of or official government bodies as we, in our sole discretion, believe necessary or appropriate in connection with an investigation of fraud, intellectual property infringement, piracy or other unlawful activity or activity that may expose us to legal liability.

7. Who receives your information?

Other than legally required disclosures we can reveal your information to employees of our company, to the employee of other companies in our corporate group, our agents, to the third party service providers. All recipients of your personal information shall be bound by applicable data protection laws to keep your personal information private.

8. Your rights in relation to your information

We are focused on keeping our information about you as accurate as possible. You can approach us at any time to change, review, or obtain a copy of your information or have your details altered or corrected in accordance with your rights under applicable laws. Email us on in order to contact with us regarding your information.

9. Links

Whichcasinos site may contain link to the third parties websites. We provide links to the sites that values your privacy, we cannot be responsible for the content or privacy policies of such sites. We suggest you to carefully review the privacy policy of such third parties.

10. Children’s Privacy

The whichcasinos website does not engage children under the age of 18. We do not intend to collect personal information from anyone who is under the age of 18. If we get the information that we have collected the information from a child under the age of 18 we will immediately delete the information and restrict it to make use of website. contact us.

11. Opt-Out Options

We and other members of our corporate group may occasionally send you emails with information on events and news or information regarding new services or in connection with customer support matters.

If you no longer wish to receive our email newsletters, you can opt-out, at any time, by sending us an email to requesting removal of your email address from any such mailing lists.

If applicable, you may also opt-out from receiving marketing communications from us by following instructions on our email communications explaining how to unsubscribe from our email mailing lists.

We will take appropriate steps to fulfil your request within reasonable time; however, it may take a few days or longer to process your request during which you may still receive marketing communications from us.